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    Okay, my rant today is a bit out of the ordinary. I am going to vent today over my distaste for Gwen Stefani. (Don't know if her name is spelled right..but I don't care) So a few years back I heard all these songs by No Doubt and they were very nice. They had catchy tunes, good lyrics, great beat, and just overall great songs. Then I heard Gwen Stefani was on her own in her recording and she recorded a few really nice songs. Nothing compared to No Doubt, but still pretty interesting.
  • Technically at least half of people in the music industry re-release covers of old songs. Ok, some do actually change the tune or even some of the words, but the basics stay the same. All the top music acts over the years have done it. How many people have re-released Unchained Melody for example? If anyone wants a straightforward Number 1 then they release a cover of that song.
    So, guess I'm just trying to say don't blame Gwen for doing it when so many other people, possibly including people you listen to regularly, do the exact same thing, k? :D