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    Well folks, here I am again to give you all a daily dose of how my life has been for a little while. I'll give it to you in three words: Stressful.. Disappointed.. Satisfied.. Now I know what you're thinking. Stressful and Satisfied? That doesn't seem possible! Lemme explain. Sit back, relax, pull up a chair, put up your feet and indulge. My life has been stressful mainly because this week has been the cue for all the things I posted about in my "Things are Going to Pick Up" Thread. My English presentation is going well. Very well. However, today I was told by the teacher that our presentation day has been moved up. She gave us the wrong date and simply regarded it with an "oops!" So instead of us being able to leisurely take our time on the project, we're going to have to kick it up another notch. Simply because my English teacher doesn't know how to read. So there's that presentation. My halloween costume isn't finished. Still trying to make the actual body and it's just not working. History presentation group is just plain awful. Haven't met with them all but once and we only have this week and then we present. Lemme just lay it out for you. STRESS!! Major stress is being had by me right now. And to add to that..my friend said she has no accompanist and asked that I accompany her for her student recital. She gave me the music and I've tried to play it over and it seems pretty difficult..especially seeing as how I have never accompanied, nor have I ever been able to learn 10 pages within a month. So yeah, you get the picture...major stress.
  • OK, I officially HATE you now. How dare you get Final Fantasy XII before me? GRRRR, it's so unfair we have to wait months after a game is released in US to get it over here. Be glad when PS3 games are available come March, At least their region free so they should come out worldwide same date or within a week anyways. The Sims 2 Pets, and other Sims 2 games, on came out within a week of US releases, why not other games? Grr, curse living in a PAL region :mad:

    p.s. Congrats on completing Wonderland. How you doing in regards to Bok of Pooh pages? Hope you're doing those as only way to get extra ending :p