• When i'm playing games, my ps2 makes noises that sound like a bunch of mice....
    Is this normal????
  • No, it sounds like you should return it to the vendor and get a new one. Hopefully, it's still under the manufacturer, store or extened warranties. How long have you had your system? If the answer to that question is that it was one of the first to go then it could be that early manufacturing problems are just rearing their ugly heads. :idea: Actually, the problem could be the fan. I know that with my PC, all i needed to do was oil the fan's bearings and get the dust out. It's possible that this is all you need to do. I'd recommend that you try this first as it's the simplest decision to make and the lightest work, also. Well, hope that you get your PS2 fixed and feel free to ask as many more questions as you need to and we'll get you an accurate and speedy answer.
  • Well the noises sound something like the noises a pc makes when it's processing or installing something, it doesn't hinder the games or the gameplay but it worries Me....

    I can't return my PS2 because it came from Miami and i'm from Trinidad..., and what's that about the fan, How do you clean and/or oil it ????
  • If you can, buy some canned air and spray it through the fan while the systems off. This should take care of the dust and try the system to see if that worked. If it doesn't fix the problem then take some olive oil and sparingly put some on the bearings. Now if this doesn't work then it's not the fan and it could be the loading tray or if it does it while gameplay as well then it could be the playing mechanism. I hope that this bit of info was of any help to you and that you get those sounds out. Just make sure not to open up the system as you could still be able to ship it to SONY if nothing else works and you tire of the noise. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming.:thumbsup:
  • If it's making noises like a PC does, check whether it's the CD drive.
    Start up a game and listen closely to the CD drive. If it is the CD drive, make sure it's not scratching your CD's (you might see a circle around the bottom of the disc if it is).
    Is it a really loud noise? I know my PS2 makes some soft noise, but i thought it was a normal 'reading from CD' sound (and i still think it is).

  • Well it's not all that loud but it definately makes its presence felt....
  • my ps2 also makes some noise

    there is the fan, of course, which is always on, and audible if you have the mute on your tv on, but it also makes a sound much like when a cd player or cd drive is reading a disc, when it is loading something.

    this is perfectly normal, as all cd/DVD players/drives make noise
  • A few members have mentioned similar noises and these were due to the PS2 being mounted on its side (so it stands upright making it look tall and thin).

    Letting it lie flat seemed to solve the problem. We can only guess its the edge of the CD touching the vertical retainer inside the CD draw thats making the noise.

    Its also VERY IMPORTANT that you check for circular scratches on the back of your disks as this could be a mis-aligned dvd disk reading lense as mentioned by KILLa.

    Finally, if you have left any of your disks out in direct sunlight or too near a radiator (or other hot object) then the disk may have warped very slightly causing it to rub the retainers in the CD draw.