Meh And Good Golly
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    Well folks, I played quite a bit of Kingdom Hearts today. I know I probably should budget my time better as far as playing games in concerned. I mean, it's not like I'm reviewing it or anything, but I just felt that I should play that game because I could lay on my bed and still be able to play it fairly well. So why was I laying on my bed? Cuz I was dying this morning. My intestines decided to make a rollercoaster type track around my stomach (not really, but it sure felt like it) and thus cause my stomach to cramp and allow me the pleasantry of upchucking. Three seperate times this happened today. Two in the morning and then once more in the afternoon.
  • So is that the sister who you had to have a "talk" with? If so, did you?
    Montague and Capulets? Woah calm down there Juliets sister :laugh:
    Hope you're feeling better yourself anyways. Oh and hope you sorted out ya boss. If not we'll send round the APi "heavies" to "talk him round" :frown: lol
  • Yes. Still have yet to have a "talk" with her by the way.