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    [drupal=96]My "Christening"[/drupal]

    Okay folks, I had a really long blog typed out titled this before, but my computer turned to a big baby in the process and decided not to send the information. Ugh.
    So anyway..here's a brief lowdown on what it said.
    1) I got bit today at work. A full fledged bleeding bite from a stupid black dog. Ugh. I was sooo mad. My senior associate cleaned it out and asked me if I had had a tetanus shot. I felt bad and said I didn't know. I remember a few years ago I got a tetanus shot, but I'm not exactly sure. So I'm gonna ask my mom tomorrow. If I haven't though, I'm gonna have to go get one. Certainly don't wanna get lockjaw from that dog. My coworkers called it my "Christening" because now I have been initiated into a large populus that my coworkers have had happen. Two of my coworkers told me about their bites and such so yeah. Now I've got a bite story to tell them.
  • Hang on, hang on, HANG ON!!!!! ME? Over-blogger? No way, that's your position. Wouldn't want to tread on anyones toes :p
    I may post a blog or two just to "fill the gap" left by you, but we need other people from this site to post blogs as well. 50 points to the first person to post a new blog. Dunno what the points can be used for, maybe Brownie points????? :confused:
    Hope you're not infected with like rabies or anything Mel, bad thing apparently :eek:

    Anyway, good luck with your mega work schedule this week. Sure you'll pass with flying colours.