Great start to the week...
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    So to start off with, I'm putting this in red to show I'm angry, upset, etc...Anyway, I am no longer a college studyer (Spelling?). Got into college this morning, straight away my "lecturer" (I use that word lightly as she doesn't really know what she's doing) wanted to talk to me. She had a piece of paper with a signature from herself and the college site manager lady. Anyway, I STILL hadn't managed to get a placement in a school, so what's happened I here you ask (provided anyone's actually interested of course)? Well turns out I had to sign it and then arivaderce (spelling?).
  • Sorry to hear about this Jay, it sounded like something you really wanted to do.

    If it is any consolation, I have found that when something like this happens, it just forces you to do something else that is even better (although most of the time I didn't realise this until a few months afterwards).

    The place where I work made 8 of my workmates redundant last Christmas and they were devastated, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them ended up getting much better jobs as a result and they are so much happier now than they were.

    What you must not do is feel sorry for yourself, use your anger to motivate you to try TWICE as hard to get on the career ladder of something you are passionate about.

    Best of luck !
  • cheers for that Jim. And I thought nobody cared :( lol.
    Well I haven't heard back from the last school I applied to so it's prob safe to say that I aint got even an interview.