• When, How much, and what does it come with or do.
  • The HDD for the PS2 is coming out un November along side the ethernet card. This will be something that many will be looking for and it'll be a good addition to your collection. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Actually,I read recently the hard drive will not be available until early 2002 now.As to what it will do,games that are programmed for it can use the drive to stream the data from the disc,resulting in lower load times.Once connected to the web through the network adaptor (which is still scheduled for November,I believe) you will be able to download and save stuff just like on the computer now.Eventually some companies are planning to make downloadable "chapters" for games,which would naturally have a small fee.Sony has made deals with companies such as AOL,RealMedia,Sun Microsystems and Macromedia for things such as a custom web browser,IM programs,e-mail and compatibility with Java and Flash.

    As to the price,the internal version retails at roughly $150 US in Japan-not real word as of yet as to what the MSRP will be in North America.

    Hope this helps you out-whenever we find some more information we'll post it here.
  • This is probably more appropriate in the PS2 Hardware help section.