Happy Halloween!!
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    [drupal=99]Happy Halloween!![/drupal]

    What a morning! I've been so edgy this week that I can't even seem to sleep soundly. I slept very lightly last night and woke up this morning and right away slipped on my costume. You all wanna see??? Check it out here!! I'm missing my hat, but that's okay. I had to make a comprimise. I wore the hat without the ears and now I'm gonna wear the ears without the hat.
  • Outfit looked Fab Mel... did you have a great night ?
  • I agree; the outfit looked great. Although you look a lil miserable on the photo; just like a real cat :o lol.
    Seriously though, hope you had a great All Hallows Eve (never quite understand why it's called that as there isn't a All Hallows Day :confused:). Er right, hope you got loadsa sweets er candy even?????

    For the first time possibly EVER, we had loadsa sweets in a bowl ready for kids to come round but we only had one knock on the door from some neighbours up the street from us. Weird. Prob cause we usually ignore the knocks on the door as we NEVER have any sweets.