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    So yesterday was Halloween, All Hallows Eve, night that all the ghouls and ghastlys come out to terrorize the living and the normal human world.Anyway, for the first time possibly EVER, we had loadsa sweets in a bowl ready for kids to come round but we only had one knock on the door from some neighbours up the street from us. Weird. Prob cause we usually ignore the knocks on the door as we NEVER have any sweets.
  • That is so strange Jay... it was EXACTLY the same for us too !

    I have spoken to a couple of people today and they said the exact same thing.

    I need to get rid of these sweets and chocolate... any takers ?
  • Maybe we could like do a competition on here. Prizes are chocolate bars and sweets. That'll get the forums buzzing if they know they're gonna win something like that :laugh:
  • lol.... nice idea.
  • Cheers. Just rememebr to send the chcolate bars in a frozen state or a vaccum sealed bag. That way they would melt. Melted choclate bars is nice, but not ones that have melted constantly for like a day or five :eek:
  • I have heard around the US that El Nino is the one responsible for our cold winter. Don't know if it's going to be any sort of record per se, but I'm sure I'll have to wear my eskimo golashes everyday to compensate for my fair skin not keeping in any heat.

    -5 degrees? What's that make it for Fareheit?
    Have some pity on us Yankees in across the pond:)
  • Didn't seem to be as many here as last year doing trick-or-treating either. Ah well- more for me! B)
  • Tiff had never carved a pumpkin before!!!

    So on tuesday i bought 2 and we carved them - had loads of candles and stuff and a big bowl of chocolate for the little kids and not one knocked on the door!!!!!!!!!

    So yesterday i took the lot to work for the scavengers i work with - And so did they lol!!!!
  • I think -5 centigrade is about 24 fahrenhieght, about that anyway. All i know is you double the centigrade and then add 30 to get fahreheight. So 0 doubled is STILL 0, add 30, gives 30 fahreheight. It's not exactly double then add 30, but it's about that :huh:

    Anyway, what's everyone think of my suggestion to get rid of excess Halloween chocolate and sweets/candy? Jim thought it was a great idea; put it up for competition winenrs. Better yet, we could auction it off and it go to the Absolute Playstation Community Fund which caters for the upkeeping of this website. We could even register as a proper charity :laugh: