• I was just wondering if any gammers out there have played Spiderman as of yet. I looked to see if there were any player reviews for this title, and there was none.

    How about it. Anyone played? What is your opinion of the game?
  • I take it you're talking the original Spider-Man game.

    Spider-Man is,quite simply,one of the better action games on the go and one of the first comic-based games to get it right.The camera angles get a bit confusing at times when moving around on the ceilings,but that's about the only thing I found to be anywhere near annoying about it.
    Definitely recommended!:thumbsup:
  • Dude, one word - 'get this game'. Ok so that's several words. Its based on the Tony Hawks engine and kicks ass!! Its a very short game - it'll probably take ya a long afternoon hardcore gaming, but you'll complete it no probs. But there again, MGS is a short game (not this short), but would ya want to be without a copy - no siree bob! If you're in anyway a Spidey fan you have to get this - there's commentary from Stan Lee himself!!!!
  • You actually feel like you're spidey when playing this game (especially the stages where you're running from the cops) and get to do everything that u seen him do on the cartoons and much more....

    That's right, as Gideon said; the game KICKS ASS
    It's the best super hero game around on any console....
    And speaking of costumes boy are there costumes- there's even the spidey unlimited costume where you can go into stealth mode by pressing L2 (bosses still see you)
    You can even play as P. Parker.
    There's all the known spidey costumes and then some really goofy ones....

    With tons of secrets and a "What If" mode,
    This game is a must have for the PS.
  • This game totally rules. I purchased it and used so many of the codes that you cannot stop loving it. Especially the stages where you run away from the police helicopters. There is a code where all kinds of funny things happen. Get this game and you will not regret it. I garuntee it:thumbsup:
  • :laugh3: i can tell the graphic is good.i bought the game afew months.but the gameplay is not so intresting.i didnt finished the game yet so cant give much comment.
  • this game is amazing and worth the money it is better than other action games but the problem is that the first day i bought it i played right through the night 7hours straight and its very easy but the storyline is amazing i actually played this 1 game without cheats and its worth the money !!!!!!hope im helpful enough and if u have problems with this game fell free to ask!!!!!:thumbsup:
  • I think it a cool game I only play a demo do.
  • Thanks guys!! Based on your reccomendation(s) (and being familiar with some of your gaming styles, which mirror mine) I bought the game and LOVE it!!

    Thanks a million!!!
  • I love web slinging across New York in that game!
  • you guys got any cheats for spiderman 2 yet ? i got most costumes completed it on all mode but i just need like 5 more costumes and 30 comics (i joined on here just to get cheats for this)
  • Yeah,this game is cool but on boss levels its more of a puzzle than just kicking his @$$ :2devilish: