Subterrainial Living (Upset Post[you've been warned])
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    Well folks, I'm under more stress than I can bear right now. At times like this (if I were an animal of some kind) I would be digging a hole for me to live in because I can't seem to get anyone to help me out with anything. My first few requirements this week have gone well. Let's look at them shall we? Monday-Biology Test (DONE WITH FLYING COLORS) Tuesday-Old Testament History and Literature Exam (DONE WELL)
  • Awww, poor you :hug:
    Well at least you'll no for the future. ALWAYS get contact details for gorup members in case they don't turn up. Also, check that the contact details are right before you go your seperate ways. No using having an email address, for example, if they either NEVER check their emails or it's slightly wrong or something, same goes for mobile (sorry cellphone) numbers. One number and you could end up calling someone living in like Alaska or something by accident.
    Anyway, hope everything gets sorted. You know you should really complain about the availability of your tutor and TA. They're there to help, which means they should be contactable at ALL times.
    As for your dad, hope he understands it's not your fault. Maybe your mum will at least understand?
    Anyway, be happy :hug: