about ps games 1-2
  • :huh: are ps1 games available to play on ps2 consoles and could both be played online or on pc aswell?
  • PSOne games can be played on your PS2, you just need a PSOne memory card to save your games on. The discs are harder to find as they haven't been made for a few years- used game shops or eBay are your best bet.

    There were no PSOne games that could be played online so that is out. A number of PS2 games do have online play. You should see a symbol on the box saying if it is. Some can be played online using dialup access while others are broadband-only.

    Finally, no, the games cannot be played on a PC. For a short time there was an emulator out there called Bleem! that tricked the PS2 discs into thinking they were in a PS2 instead of a PC. That got shut down after a threat of legal action by Sony. It's no longer available.