Several PS2 questions
  • What the hell is the deal with those boxes?
    I have played about 20 something games on my PS2 now and i noticed that the more games i play the more boxes appear on the start up screen. I also noticed when i pull out my memory card all the boxes dissapear.

    How exactly does this work?

    I also noticed on my memory card there was a black box that just said Corrupted Data.

    How the hell does that happen? and is it safe to delete it?
  • Those boxes show up in exact relation to how many saves are on your memory card.Not sure why Sony did that but it is a nice touch.

    I've never seen a 'Corrupted Data" on my card before.If it is corrupted as it says,though,it wil be of no use to whatever game it was from originally.I can't forsee any problems with deleting it.
  • Are you sure its how many saves are on your card? When I emtyed my card except for the system save my towers did'nt go away. Maybe a stat in the automaticly saved system file on the memory card. It would be fun to know exactly what causes the towers to grow, anyone?
  • What towers? What are you talking about.

    I did get a coroputed data blue box on my card.
    But I just deleted it.

    Oh, I have a question. What is the PS2 icon on the memory card that says system configuration mean? If I delet it what will happen?
  • Talking to a friend today who lent out his PS2 (heaven forbid) and the person cleared the system config file and all his towers were gone (lucky that was the only file on that card he moved all the files to his spare card and put them back when his friend returned it). That was two weeks ago his towers are slowly rebuilding, but its only a shadow of his former City. About the corupted data I had a blue box of it also I also just deleted it I don't know what spawned it though. Hmmm
  • TOWERS? are we talking about the Boxes or towers ?
    what is that all about
  • Everything that you save in the system files such as the date and anything else changed in them will be saved automatically to your memory card just in case the system ever has trouble finding the correct time.It can do this without a memory card but it takes a whole lot longer to do this. The corrupted data is like if you use some cheats and then save the game in an area without turning the gameshark off first and then try to play from that save without having the gameshark in your drive. You'll need to delete this and start from either another save or just restart the entire game. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I've never used a game shark on my PS2, but I still got corupted data a couple times?