• Why are all my photos from Metal Gear Solid 2 corrupted on my memory card. No matter how many time I delete and get new one they are always corrupted. I have a sony card and the photos are the only thing corrupted, can you tell me why?
  • That's a strange one. Do you use or have you used a cheat device with MGSII? Also, there could be something wrong with that particular area of the memory card meaning that you either won't be able to use one of your saves or that the card could have been messed up by anything from power surge-something being dropped on it. I would recommend trying to save it on either another card or possibly on someone else's card to see if it works. If it doesn't work then it could be the game itself but i'm thinking that it could just be an area in the card. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming as soon as you find out what's up with the card. :thumbsup:
  • Here is the strange part. I have no cheat devices and each corrupted file is a seperate photo. However they all work. I was just wondering why they say corrupted instead of something like mgs2 data. Even if I can't fix it its okay since all of them still load up fine.
  • I think it says Corrupted Data because the PS2 doesn't recognize it,probably due to some key bits of data a game save would have not being there (player stats,high score sheet,etc.).Because it's a part of MGS2 it has no problem with the pics working within the game.

    That is about the only thing I can come up with.If this is the case,then you can stop worrying-there's nothing wrong with the card or the picture files.