*Question* Final Fantasy 8 for PSX - Renaming CHARACTERS not GF's..
  • Is it possible to change the name for ALL of my characters?? And if so how and when is it possible to do so? The reason why I ask these questions is regarding the fact that out of all the times I've played and replayed FF8, I noticed you are not given a chance to rename the following characters: Quistis Trepe & Irvine Kinneas. I'll appreciate your answer and thanks for taking your time to read this.
  • I did some looking around and from what i can gather you are not allowed to change their names. Sorry.
  • Ah, the great Final Fantasy series.
    Final Fantasy Vii was quite a good game, not one of the best in the recent series (from Vii onwards) but still pretty good.
    If I remember correctly, like Lyndon said, you couldn't rename those two characters. I think it's because Quistis is a teacher and Irvine was from a different Academy/School. Only reson I think of why you're not allowed to change those two characters names.
    Sorry about that; I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear :mellow: