• Does anyone know if my guncon for the PSX will work for the Ps2 or will i have to buy a new one?
  • Not to sure on that one but if the PS1 controller works in the PS2 there should be no reason why it won't work.
  • ive wanted 1 of those fer awhile (guncon) do you know where can i obtain 1 @? :wave:
  • Afraid they're not sold seperately,Sins-Namco includes one with every game they make for it.So,easiest way to get one is head to wherever you prefer to get your games and have a look around.

    As to whether the original works on the PS2,it should work with no problem.The instructions on Time Crisis 2 also mention how to use the original GunCon with the game.
  • I've only played the Time Crisis2 demo - but my old grey Guncon worked perfectly with the PS2, so i don't envisage any problems with subsequent titles (as long as they are 'Guncon' compatible)
  • hey thanks 4 tha info. :holidays2: