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    [drupal=110]Dare Day[/drupal]

    =( I had planned a couple of weeks ago to visit Ren Fest with my orchestra, but i found out today that i will have to work a Dare Day... This is a highly feared shift and day at mountasia... a day filled with over 500 little kids buzzing around idly and running amok beating eachother with plastic blow-up baseball bats... every worker at mountasia fears this day.. and rightly so. My shift sadly falls in the middle of the day, and in the worst portion of dare day, my only hope is that it will rain very hard. Do a rain dance. =P I won't be able to get anyone to take my shift b/c of the nature of the day (and the other fact that everyone already works that day at some point). I will miss Ren Fest. =( Mourn this loss with me a while /cry
  • Eeesh! Sounds like quite an ordeal you have there Taksy.:confused:

    Trading shifts on a day like that is really hard. I'll mourn for you though.

    At the very least, maybe you could pick up one of the rubber bats and play with the little ones?:)
  • Poor Taksy :(

    I did my very best rain dance for you - it was a sight!!!
  • lol melinda!.. sounds like a good idea to me... maybe while i'm fixing a game i could smack a few :bash: /evilgrin and thanks jane for a rain dance, we'll see how it turns out... i'll make some calls today just to double check that nobody's available =(