Its all official now!!
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    [drupal=113]Its all official now!![/drupal]

    Have had a pretty good week. Was at the parentals at the beginning of the week. Got the wedding flowers sorted (im not a flowery person so this was a bit of a grief job!) Esp when my mum had a go over how expensive they are GRRR!!! Its tiff and I's money i was spending (technically tiffs :D) Also met up with Lucy my Cheif Bridesmaid and got my hen night all sorted. 28th April and Blackpool!!!!!!!
  • Ladies have a hen night?! Really?!
    I always thought the guy had a bachelor party..but I didn't know that there was a lady half to that too.:o

    Congrats on your new job Oddy! With all the work you've done I'm sure it's worth it.
  • Mel, you really have a lot to learn lol!!

    You bridesmaids and female friends all dress you up like a mad person and you go and get drunk. We are going to Blackpool. Gonna be about 25 - 30 of us!!!
  • /nod gratz 2 u!