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    It's been a while since I've done anything remotely associated with this here site. I'm pretty basically going full throttle on the career track and am trying to do a great job writing my Master Thesis and raise the kids simultaneously and it requires alot of time. I did however try to get me some new games a couple of weeks ago, to get back in the groove, cus I realized that I havn't had the PS running for quite a few months now. I found a pretty fair deal were I got 3 games for the prize of one, only catch was that they were old preowned games. As usual I have no idea what games are hot and what are not (or used to be) but I remembered hearing some good things about Max Payne, Red Faction and Kill Switch so I took them home.
  • If your getting all that stuff - can i send tiff over? He keeps insisting that me wedding money should be spent on a PS3 and HD TV.