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    I've been stiffed by my history group. So what am I going to do? I'm gonna send them my material via email for the presentation since they don't seem to have respect for me and come to the meeting that I worked so hard to arrange. I'm not gonna be able to meet with them tonight so as far as they go, they're stuck. I've done my very best for them. This is precisely why I wish to do projects by myself.
  • I remember having a problem like this when i was doing my degree red. We were asked to do a presentation in groups and i felt like i did all the work. From that point on i always did stuff like that alone or with people i CHOOSE to work with. I was sooo sick of people taking credit for my work
  • I have emailed my professor in advance telling him that although I have not been able to physically meet with my group I have my portion of the work assigned to me finished and completed.

    Hopefully it all works out.