Vampire hunter D
  • You should see a statue on your left along with a box- pick these up to get a map of the castle with the O button. You should now be able to open the door surrounded with red candles, again by hitting O. You need to have your sword sheathed as well.
  • I´see,the first door, yes, but once I get inside, in front of me the ladder to the first floor, at my right and left, doors closed, and I´m standing in the middle of the room because there is like a force invisible wall that don´t let me pass. Do you know why is these?
    TKS again.
  • You can't get further into the castle going that way. You have to go through the red door, which you should be able to open now that you have the map. It's a specific path that you have to go to progress.
  • O.K., TKS again. Sory for beeing tuff. =)