Time For a Flashback!
  • Some of the newer members may not realize this but Absolute Playstation has been around since 1995 (practically ancient by internet standards).

    Anyhoo, was mucking around finding some new widgets for the Yahoo Widget Engine (lots of handy items to be had, you should check it out) and found one for the Internet Wayback Machine. This place takes snapshots of sites on the web and archives them to let others see how a site has progressed (or regressed) over time.

    For the sake of nostalgia ( I was a member way back then) i did a quick search on ol' API.Have a look and see how much things have changed. B)
  • Ah Lyndon, it brought a tear to my eye. Seems like an generation or 2 since '95
  • Wow, it's almost like it was written by some boring "nerd" who just wanted to get information on the web, and that's all. Gradually the "nerd" started to let his hair down, and now we've got a site that's cooler than both poles put together. Just try not to lick the screen else your tongue will get stuck to the site :p
  • My first reaction was 'Aww, how cute' and then i realized how much it's changed... and i'm only happy to be a part of it! =P and lol Jason... i had to think about that for a little bit before actually understanding that last statement =P
  • Hey! My names on there!!:)

    Man, I remember back when I first joined that's pretty much how it looked. So awesome!
  • My goodness, takes me back to the days when I was thought to be Lu's son....:D
  • That was "spiritual" son, Dan - well, if the word spiritual could be associated with the dark lord. No-one ever actually said that you were the demon seed.

    In fact, proximity to the king with the cloven hoof influenced me so much that my car is red in colour. Rouge Lucifer to be exact :cool: