• i really really need help i need to know what memory card i can purchase that will hold the new spyro a heros tale i purchased the space is empty i have a blue memory card i have a yellow memory card and everytime comes up that i need to purchase the one that holds this game and not delete the data or encrypt the data after saving.. i even emptyied each card comes up same error no memory card insterd 8mb please insert however, the memory card thats in thier is blue and says 1 mega so i dont understand.. please help
  • 1 mega?? Sounds like that card may be a 3rd party card for the PSOne.

    What you need is an actual Sony 8 MB memory card for the PS2. The card they come on will be yellow and should be easily found wherever you bought the game. Normally they are black but Sony did put out some other colors. Good luck!