Playstation 2 clean-up
  • Everyone I have basically talked never ever noticed the little hard plastic card that falls from your instruction manual that reads Vaccuum your system!.
  • Thanks Gene for the heads up, my Playstation was fried when I got my Playstation 2 possibly for this reason. It's on my to do list.
  • Yea, I felt guilty about not looking at the manual so I checked it out last night.

    Job for this evening - Vacume

    Cool one GeneStarwind
  • Thanx for the info Gene, I will keep close watch over those rabid dust bunnies and wipe those suckers out before they have a chance to cause any problems. :thumbsup:
  • Remember people whenever Gene posts,...

    Fear his intelligence!

    Have a nice day!
  • No Problem guys, I dont want anybodies machine breaking down.
  • So we vacuum to fan part do we? Ok, i'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip gene :thumbsup:
  • When I first got my PS2 I desided I wasnt going to make the same mistake twice. So I read the manual and everything. I vacuum out my PS2 about every month. So thanks gene for telling people about this, Oh and that reminds me that I have to go clean my PS2 right now. later
  • Good advice to share with others Gene.

    Yes, a gaming console is indeed a "computer" as Gene stated; and like any computer the major causes of premature failure(s) are:


    Here is how to avoid these pitfalls:

    Always, always, always be sure to have your console placed in an area with ample space all around to assure plenty of air circulation. If you live in an area where your house/room is extremely warm, direct a small fan towards the unit for added safety.

    As suggested, visually inspect your console frequently for dust build-up, and possible obstructions of the vents. Be careful when using a vaccuum as static electricity CAN fry certain components on the main-board. If you use a vaccuum, NEVER blindly "poke" at the board. A can of compressed air will offer a safer method of removing dust from vital components.

    Other than the obvious of spilling liquid on your console, moisture can form within your console by keeping it in a cool room with poor insulation, as well as near areas of high moisture content (near a bathroom, for example). The amount of moisture to cause damage to electrical components is minute