Guitar Hero II PS2 Pre Blog Review
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    I've had this game for a few days now & only just had a few 30 min plays on it due to nightshift and back home early I can't wait to put a few days worth into it. Jane has been playing it while I'm working & opened up the easy level on career so I could go into freeplay & challenge the later levels on a harder setting.The game is has same feeling as the last one but I feel that the first 3 opening levels of music is pretty lame & mixed badly. You have 4 tracks that just don't go into a game what so ever! and to put Police's Message in a bottle & Nivarna's Heart Shaped Box in the early stages is just stupid, they are classic songs that should be hidden extras.
  • I agree, I waited to buy this game so i could see what reviews it was getting- being a Guitar Hero myself- and i am very pleased that i did this. I do find it to be a bit of a bummer that the music choices are poorly organized. I hope that the upper levels have a better choice of songs, though i agree with your opinions of Police's Message in a bottle & Narvarna's Heart Shaped Box.