It's a Funny Feeling
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    I feel really...odd right now. I woke up today and was on a one track mind. I was gonna get my presentation done. So I went through class, and got the presentation done. It went rather well. So now my next project is to construct the Dirge of Cerberus game review. Sorry I haven't done that yet guys:( But the good news is the worst of the days are finally over. After DoC, I will be constructing questions for a fantasy FDR Conference. In my history class I assume my teacher will be acting like FDR himself. So I have been casted as a reporter. I have to construct one question on his question on the Great Depression and another on WW2. I have my WW2 question already done..anyone have any ideas on personal life and great depression questions? My history teacher said he will grade us down if we are too vague in our questions so I'm wanting to be a concise reporter here.