needto get online
  • could you tell me how to setup online please
  • If you are talking getting the PSP online I have a how-to for that located here.

    As for the PS2 first connect your ethernet cable (if using broadband i.e. cable or DSL) to the correct plug on the back of the PS2 (or network adaptor if you still have the bigger model). When you put in a game look for the option to let you play online- from here you will need to set up the details for your connection. Most of the questions they ask have an "automatic" option which should work well for most. I'll go through each in order.

    Push right to get to each section of the set up- if you need to go back go left. First they ask you to select your hardware, meaning the network adaptor. Just hit X and move on. Next question asks if you need a user ID and password from your internet provider. If you are hooked up through a router (which lets you share your 'net access around the house to other devices) or use cable answer no- they only time you should need to say yes here is if you use DSL to get online. If this is the case you enter the usename and password they gave you.

    Next question is "set the IP address automatically". If you are hooked up to a router you are probably set up to let it set one up so answer "Auto" here. Next is setting the DNS address. Again, Auto should work here but if not the information you need should have been given by whoever you get your 'net access from.

    After that it's time to test the connection- if all went well you should see a message saying you have connected and to continue to save that setting. At this point you can make a name for this (I just left mine as setting 1). Finally you come to a summary of your settings- just hit the X button to save onto your memory card.

    From here on out you will just have to select that setting to get your games online. Good luck!

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