Keyboard and mouse
  • Hi, with so many good first person shooters out or coming out for example Medal of Honour, Half Life and I heard a rumour of Return to Castle Wolfenstein making an appearence it is hard to play these games with a normal controller. So is there any PS2 keyboards and mouses on the market or coming out in the near future.
    Andrew Boullemier
  • InterAct does have a keyboard available now for the PS2 which they are marketing as an easier way for inputting their codes.Very few,if any,of the FPS games out now support a keyboard for the PS2.This may change once we finally see the system go online.

    If you do happen to find one that does support a mouse and keyboard,try using the USB ports-drivers would be on the discs.
  • I was able to plug in a standard Microsoft Optical USB mouse into the USB port of the PS2 and it was recognized immediately.
  • :2devilish: I tried my MS optical mouse on my PS2 and it worked as well, it recognized it right from the gitty-up. :thumbsup: