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    Well folks, I relaxed for a good two days and really that was all I needed. I'm back and revived from my little vacation. I didn't really do much apart from what I desired to do. I went to class, came home and played Kingdom Hearts, then went to sleep. Lemme tell ya, NOTHING beats sleeping when you are sleepy. I went and saw the movie Borat tonight. That movie was very funny to me since I've watched Borat in Da Ali G Show. Some people think he went too "over the line" but I would have to disagree. If you are not familar with Borat humor, then you probably wouldn't like it too much..but I thought it was hilarious.
  • Oh no, gonna end up having to put half an hour to an hour aside out of my two hours just to read your blogs again aren't I? Good to hear you er got some sleep when you were sleepy :eek: Hope your stomach aches gone now.
    Oh, speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I've just defeated Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II, damn is he ever hard to kill.
    Just gotta complete the game now. Soon be finished though, by end of the weekend, prob end of today even, it'll be finished.