Is it safe to use a gameshark
  • ??? Ive heard that a game shark can skrew up with with a games programing is it true because I wass thinking about buying one until I heard that.
  • The GameShark can't permanently damage a game's programming-it's burned onto the disc.There are some codes that are somewhat unstable and may cause the game to freeze.When that happens you'll have no choice but to reset and remove that code.Most codes found in magazines and on the official gameShark site have been checked to see that this doesn't happen.
  • Oh how right he is.
  • game shark is a waste man i got one for free an it is still sitting under my bed collecting dust.

    why cheat an beat the game fast then play it, master it an get your 50 bucks worth out of the game.
  • If you are using a Game Shark and then go through warrnty stuff with Sony, make sure not to tell them you have used the Shark. As in doing so they will blame it for your problems. I havnt used the PS2 shark but did use the PS1 shark a bit for a while and it never gave me to much trouble, exept for games crashing more often when certain codes are in use.
  • I didn't know game shark was that bad!!! Thanks for telling me!!

  • :) Thanks now I know I should use the 30 bucks for a game instead for a game shark