• i read this on this forum that modchips are bad and this and that. why dont you tell people the real truth instead of the partial truth, the partial truth told here alot is
    they allow discs from other regions to be played
    they allow pirates
    they hurt software companies.
    well what yall failed to tell everyone who isnt modchip savvy is modchips do circumvent the copy protection. but think of it here, what if my kid wants a playstation 1 and i get it for him, id rather burn copies of his games, give em to him in a cd wallet, and put his originals away in a safe location, these arnt cartridges people. cds dont take much to get destroyed. and accidents are inevitable. the modchips legality idles on the end user itself. if they choose to do bad things with it, then thats illegal, if they use it for backup purposes. then thats not illegal. i support software companies and the good games they bring to us, but does that mean that if you break your disc, you can send your cracked disc to them and they replace it free of charge? no. dont work that way, they want you to pay half price for another disc, all that disc is is a sheet of plastic, data, and a license to use that software. and how much does a blank cd cost. hmm ill let you figure that out on your own, so when u have a cracked disc, what more do you have? a license to play the game, and a unrunnable game cuz the disc is cracked. i respect your rules about modchips here for all the mods. but when noobs ask about what modchips are. tell em the truth, and not just the partial truth....
    o and for the record.
    2 months ago i was kicked out of my brothers house. all my xbox and ps2 games he stole, and when i called the cops to go get my belongings. they said i needed receipts of all my games. now psx is over 10 years old. i think approx 12 or 13 here soon. whos gona have receipts dating back that long. but what i did get back was my xbox with a 250gb hdd. had most of my xbox games on there "put em on the hdd so i wouldnt stress out my dvd rom drive" and had some playstation cd images on there too "psx emulation on the xbox because my ps1s laser died ahwile back. and xbox dvd drives cannot read mode 2 xa discs , it can but only at 150kbps". so for the mere fact of that statement does that make me a criminal still?
  • I do see your point about the younger ones being more apt to damage the discs. However, our problem is with those that just buy the burnt discs and not the actual copies themselves and those that sell the burnt discs.

    If you wish to use the chip, that's your business. All we ask is that discussion of them be kept away from here (besides, there are enough independent sites out there that allow it now).