• So I have the PS3 and Im trying to Sign up for the Network, but its in Japanese. I cant get past the create user name and password page. Its telling me something is not working, but I cant figure out what...Please help!
  • First off congrats on snagging the PS3. Knowing how limited they were in Japan that's quite the feat. B) Hopefully i'll be seeing my black beauty on the 17th.

    First thing I should ask is did you upgrade the firmware yet? There should be something in System Update in the Settings menu (it's the top of that menu). I know the North American PS3s need the upgrade to firmware v1.10 to access the network so this may be the case here too.

    As for the language problem that can be fixed in the Settings menu too. Go to System Settings (should be 5th down in the menu) and from there select System Language (second option in here). Select English and hit the O button (for some reason its preferred for selecting over there) to confirm. Your PS3 should now be in English.

    (30 minutes)