• to all

    i was wondering if anybody has played this yet,because i want to ask some questions.

    Is it any good?
    Is it worth getting?
    Is it cheap?
    Whats good about it?
    What do u do besides farming?

    If u could help me thankyou
  • Well, i havn't played the PSone version yet (i don't think it's released in australia) but the SNES version was very good.
    I'll see if i can answer your questions before madhtr gets here (if he hasn't already beat me to the punch,he's a quick one ;) )

    -Is it any good?
    That's really a matter of opinion, but in my opinion, yes it's good.
    -Is it worth getting?
    For me, definitely. I've been looking, but i can't find it. :cry:
    -Is it cheap?
    Depends where you live.
    -Whats good about it?
    It's just fun.
    -What do u do besides farming?
    Hmmm...well you can chat up the local chicks :2devilish:

    Check out the review on the main site (it'll probably help more than i did):
  • Yes, I have Harvest Moon, and although it is a different game, to say the least, I DO enjoy it.

    However, if YOU will enjoy it is up to you and your likes/dislikes.

    As I said, it is different, and not the type of game I would normally play/rent/buy
  • Thanks guys.

    I just wanted to know because Ive seen it inthe magazines I get and I was thinking of getting it.

    Hey kiLLa,Ive seen the game once in Grace Brothers(Australia)
    and it wasnt that expensive.
  • Fart - have to tell you mate I agree with Lucifer, you'll either love it or hate it. You really have to try it and see for yourself.