Laughed so much a bit of Wii came out
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    I set tiff a challenge. If he could pay all the wedding off by the end of novemeber he could have a Nintendo Wii for xmas.Yesterday at work i got 6 phone calls why he was booking the hotels.Im frightened of the phone ringing now!!!I'm going wedding shopping today for, veil, shoes, bags, cake standTiff hates it but he is coming anyway and bringing his cheque book. If he is a good boy i will take him to the land of skanky chavs (Washington) and let him go in game and look at stuff.
  • this has to be the best post title I have seen all year... you should work for the Sun newspaper writing the headlines Jane !
  • Only 19 days left to pay them off & looks like I'm having a Wii at the end of the month. It's not a long time to wait for a Wii, but will be worth it :p