• does anybody know if there is a game that is out for ps2 and you kind of dance in it?
  • Would you be refering to "Dance Dance Revolution" by chance?

    This popular game available for the PS2 (and PS Once), has a dance pad that is available as an add-on called, oddly enough, Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad.

    Search the net using the following:

    Palystation + dance

    You will see many sites that offer this game & dance pad accessory. The API rules don't allow me to list the site(s) due to their policy regarding retail sites. Sorry
  • You can basically go to any Funcoland or Electroniques Boutique or Software Etc. and get the dance pads.
  • just to let you know "GeneStarwind"
    Software Etc bought Funcoland
    an now we are all under one Name

    Hey come to my store we got about 10 ah those pads in the back.