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  • i have a play station original that someone gave me for my 6 year old grandson. it has no games with it. is their any chance of being able to download games onto cd roms cd-r and play it on the play station?
    grandpa tim
  • Legally? Afraid not. Even if you did find a site that did have them you would have to get a mod chip installed into the system to use them (which we personally don't recommend). Any site that did offer them would be doing so without permission from Sony.

    You should be able to find some good PlayStation games on the cheap by checking out some used videogame stores or on eBay.
  • So am I to understand that the older play station has more security than the newer versions? I find all kinds of free downloads for playstation 2 and for the psp but, you say that its ilegal to do the same with the number 1 ?
    Why is this? I understand about copy right laws and the legal issues and that sonys has the rights to do what they will but why the first issue and not the others? And by the way I just turned down an offer fron an unknown that wanted to give me a cd that would allow me to copy all the games I wanted for play station 1 . I did not want to take chances untill I further learn the laws that govern such.
    Thanks for the warning and if you could explain i would be greatful.
  • Hi Stimothy, welcome to Absolute PlayStation !

    It is completely legal for you to take a copy of any game when you have bought the original disk, as it allows you to protect the original game from getting damaged.

    If you are looking for very cheap playstation original disks try eBay, they have hundreds of them, many at $1 plus postage - not too much more expensive than the cost of a blank CD-R

    click on the following link to search for them on ebay:

    eBay - psone, psone Games items on

    Copies of games will not just work on your playstation, it needs to be opened up and modified. You will find more information on this on other websites.

    Hope this answers all of your questions.


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  • Stimothy, any downloads of PlayStation games that had been available for purchase in stores would be illegal, even those for the PS2 and PSP. The people providing them are doing so using files they "ripped" from the original discs. While it is legal to make a copy for "back up" purposes it isn't legal to make copies for the intent to make profit or any other way that could prevent a possible sale of the actual game. The PS2 system would also have to be modified to be able to play them.

    As for the PSP, there are some games that would be considered legal as they are original creations- however, Sony isn't fond of the "homebrew" being made on the PSP and has been plugging the holes allowing this in the various firmware upgrades. As for other downloads such as the emulators for other game systems, the emulator itself may not be illegal but the ROMs (game files) are unless you own an original copy of the game. Hope this clears up some of the confusion a bit.