On The Road To The Hollow Bastion
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    Well folks, I've completed all the worlds of Kingdom Hearts. I finished Neverland a few days ago and just finished Halloween Town yesterday. I wanna battle Oogie Boogie again though. He was actually a pretty fun boss. (The first part at least..not the second half) So now I'm on my way to the Hollow Bastion. How scary!! I've only been playing the game for 30 hours..and I'm almost done with it!:( Oh well, that means I'll be amped and ready for Kingdom Hearts 2 once I beat this one.
  • So you've almost finished KH? Now I hope you've got all the Torn Pages and finished the Book of Pooh in Traverse Town or is it Twilight Town, I forget which world it is. Anyway, without that, you miss out on the extra ending. If you're not fussed about that, then nevermind.
    Oh and as far as KH2 goes, I recommend you play through Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories on the GBA first. You don't HAVE to play it as KH2 has clips from the game to catch you up with what happened between KH and KH2, but I think it makes more sense if you've played KH: COM, but ah well, up to you obviously.
    As for school and everything, glad to hear you're getting close to being fully done, even if you DO then have 8 other units to do :o What ones you thinking of taking next semester then?