Purchasing ps2 network adapter.
  • Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if you could help. I am trying to obtain a ps2 network adapter (i have old ps2 console) and i have been informed it is dis-continued. So i was enquiring if you knew of any places i could obtain one and FAST. pro-evo6 against the compter is getting too easy.

    Many thanks.
  • Welcome to Absolute PlayStation, Harv. :)

    After figuring out your location I had a quick look on Play's web site and noiced that they indeed did not have the adaptor. If you have any used game shops nearby you may be able to find one there or even in a pawn shop. If all else fails there are a number of them available on eBay. Good luck!
  • I am not sure where you are located, however, there is a company called EB Games that runs several stores around me "its a BRAND NAME" its a big chain and if they do not have one in that particular store they can have inventory transferred to any other location, you should check them out!
  • In the UK GameStation & GAME don't have many left in around the country. Best place to find one is on E-bay & they go brand new for around £20-25