• Ive heard people around saying that it wont work. Just because the way the TV is. Buy a 50' color TV and then have that party. Invite me too:biggrin: Try it out though, if not use a regular tv, nobody will mind, as long as their playing.
  • The PS2 will work just fine with any TV that has video inputs (real old TVs need RF modulator).
  • [b]A money man!!! Projection unit!!!

    Just make sure that you look at the specs for a projection unit as not all of them on the market are compatable for long video gaming periods.

    I've looked into the market myself last year for a full cinema system and found the there are only 3 good brands in the UK that work well with a Games Console at long gaming periods.

    and of course...... Sony.
    They were going for around
  • A shop I go into all the time has a projection tv and it looks ok but like the others said some of them arn't good for long gaming periods so just be careful what you get.