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    Well folks, to sum today up into one sentence: Today Maddie the Monster turned 1 year old. Details? Well, her and Tifa went to Day Camp today at the PetsHotel that I work at and so they had a splendiferous time. They're konked out cold now. I don't blame them, they've been playing for about 6-7 hours straight today. That's a lot of physical demand on my beagles. But they loved it. Maddie even found a doggie boyfriend.
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    As far as gaming goes, I have sealed the 100 Acre Wood. :D
    And I have located all four heart emblem peices from the Hallow Bastion.

    Secret Ending will be yours then, ay Mel? One congratulates one on ones accomplishment.
    OK, obviously I'm nowhere near being a royal of any sorts; I dunno if I even used 'one' in the correct context :confused:
    Anyhoo, congrats on your achievement; now you've just got Ansem the Dark (or whatever he calls himself) to battle.
    I must warn you, though; he's one tough cookie. I hope you've got a LOT of milk to soften him up; you'll need it, trust me.