Network Access Disc
  • I have a network accesss disc but unfortunately i have sent away my registration booklet which contains the network disc code. i have e-mailed PlayStation but they have only replied to say ring out customers service hotline. i couldn't get thorugh so i searched the internet for a solution and stumble across this. I was told by a friens that i could e-mail PlayStation and they would send me a neww network disc with code but they clearly have no intentions of doing so. Can u solve my problem?

    If you could you e-mail this address will your answer i would be very grateful
  • Only thing I can say is to keep trying that phone number- you will get through eventually. Unfortunately I'm unable to e-mail you as you didn't leave your address.

    Sorry i can't be of any more help. :(
  • i have tried to find a network accesss disc game shop don't even have any any one know where i can find one
  • You would be better off continuing to try the phone number- you will get through eventually, just may have to wait a while on hold as you are put in the queue (calls are answered in the order they come in). E-mailing will just get you that same response you did already.

    If all else fails, you could look around on eBay and find one there. There are usually several on the go so you should be able to find one at a reasonable price (just watch the shipping charges, there are a few gougers out there ;) ).