• Since the PS2 is totally backward compattible, can the PS2 be linked to an original PSX for 2 to 4 player games on different televisions using the link....?

    And, does the original multitap work on the PS2....?
  • The PS2 is backwards compatible with MOST PSX games. The only link for the PS2 is the iLink for GT3+ compatibility, that i currently know of. Also the multitap for the PSX is not compatible with the PS2. The PS2 multitap is the only multiplayer availibility currently available for use. I hope that this info was very helpful to you and feel free to ask more questions.
  • [b]Afraid you're out of luck there,Dappy-the PS2 doesn't have a port for the PSX link cable.As madhatr said,the PSOne multitap won't work either.
  • Ratz !!!!

    thanks guys....
  • wow that's weird cause my ps1 multi-tap and controllers work just fine for my ps2.