• I have been playing alundra 2 for awhile and i used a bunch of cheats from a gameshark. which really helped out but around the time of seagull ruins i all of a sudden didnt have the pixie ring anymore so i started over.now with my second start of the game i now dont seem to have the lamp of luminaire.I dont have any cheats on the game shark for the pixie ring but i did find one online for the lamp but i dont know how to input it on my system.the page i found has a ton of cheat codes for the game shark for alundra but no must be on code..any help would be great as i dont want to start over again thanks
  • From what I understand about the GameShark the codes would have to be turned on before you start the game up again. You won't have to restart the entire game but try re-entering the codes when you start up the system.
  • thanks but the codes i have on the shark are not the ones i need the one i need is for the lamp and i found that one online. what i dont know is how to input it in the shark?
  • What version of the gameshark are you using?
  • for ps one. I do have a shark for ps 2 but alundra is not on it i want to use the shark for ps 2 and input the codes i found but i cant find a must be on code...
  • I mean like Gameshark pro version 3.2 or something like that.
  • You can't use a game shark pro on a playstation 2. You need a game shark cdx/lite being a cd, or a code breaker disc.

    If your curious how I know this it's because I've used enough code devices, and disc to know what works on what. lol