House remodling
  • Is anyone remodling their house? My mom has decided to paint the inside a creamy caramel with dark mustard trim. She does not like the white color so she has to paint it. Kind of strange to start this in the winter time.

    Anyone else doing anything spectacular at their home? Just curious. ;)
  • yeah ours is about to get totally gutted and re done

    new kitchen
    New bathroom
    New doors
    New roof
    New central heating
    New fire

    your mum must be getting itchy feet!! I feel like that sometimes like just going to B&Q and getting new paint and stuff.

    Tiff goes mad all the time. I changed my mind 3-4 times before i decided on the pale stone colour we have now in the living room.
  • Nothing doing here but I know Rory is doing a bit of work to his place too. Kremzeek, i'm sure he can give a tip or two on how to speed the painting up a bit. ;)
  • My sister and I just bought a new couch, chair, coffee table and dinner table for our appartment.

    The couch and chair came as a set and are so much better than our old one. The cost was high, but it was definatly worth it.
  • She deffinently have itchy feet here. Infact, last nite she bought a whole new comfertor set off the net. I don't know what else is left to buy, she has brand new furniture through out the house. She is spending the money here.:o
  • Kremzeek, are you getting worried that your mother is spending your inheritance? I might happen to know a creative method of house painting that could, bring all this wastefulness to an end...obviously you would be donating 20% of the take to Absolute Playstation so that we can raffle a few PS3's in a members competition ;)

    As Lyndon mentioned, i am currently in the process of a little house remodeling myself, however its my wife that is the instigator of all this hard work and the engager of none of it, if you get my meaning :mad:
  • Just thought I would provide an update on my month long house remod project. The downstairs washroom has had the walls replasters and repainted. A new radiator, toilet and washhand basin have been fitted. The room sipmly needs another coat of paint, a tile splash back for the basin and a floor covering to be finished.

    The bathroom has had 2 walls replastered and painted. The other 2 walls are to be tiled. The bath has been refitted and the floor has been lifted for the modifications to happen for the positioning of the toilet, sink and shower. The ceiling is due for painting with a diluted pva glue/paint mix this week and hopefully Saturday should see the remaineder of the plumbing work completed.

    The 800mm x 1280mm mirror for the wall has been ordered - £100 and should arrive in a fortnight - just in time for the tiling to happen. The new bath panel has been ordered and should match the unit for the sink.
    Progress has been slow, as there is little you can do in the evenings that doesnt involve much noise and I have no wish to have the neighbours complaining that I keep waking their infants!!

    When all is finished I am going to drink a couple of pints of brandy!!
  • got the survey done on the kitchen and thank foo it's getting done after christmas. Now if Jane burns the turkey & the kitchen it won't matter.
  • HEY!!!!!

    I have never burned a turkey!!! Oh you sooooo spreading rumours that i cant cook. Where is your evidence eh? Havent got any - it all burned away in the great pasta bake incident of 2004
  • I know, if she was not in hock about house remoddling, I would be a ps3 owner. So sad.

    You actually cooked a turkey? Tell me, was it still screaming when you put it in the oven? Or, did it stopped screaming after you burnt it? he he he
  • Just had our new heating system put in today, what a mess left but got skin peeling lava hot water for the bath & shower. Now only 6 more weeks left of chaos & were are living 98% in the main bedroom due to the packed up stuff & covered furniture & ripped up flooring.