What's In A Name?
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    Well folks, today I was in my biology lab and our lab today was about blood and brains (yuck). So anyway, I think I held myself together well. Didn't vom at all so I imagine I'm good. So anyway, part of our lab entailed looking at a fish tail. So my lab instructor told us that the live goldfish he had there were bought specifically for that lab. So he said "these fish are useless for me come the time after this lab...anyone want one?"
  • Sounds like you've come up with the perfect name already. You said it was "spunky". Why not name it that?

    Another thought was Elvis. It uses 5 out of 6 letters from silver. Or you could name it Relvis - sounds like Scooby Doo saying Elvis!
  • Why not just turn the word 'silver' backwards and call it 'Revlis'? You could call it Sparky, if it's the kind of silver ones that shine a bit in the light. How about the ever useful Bob? Everyone loves the name Bob. You can call anything or even anyone Bob. Or maybe cal it Sliver; just make sure it doesn't try to get you like the Horror flick of the same name :confused:
    Apart from those suggestions, I'm stumped.
  • What about philip?