digital output cable
  • i have looked at the digital audio out port on the ps2, and i am going to get a cable to connect it to my reciever (so i can take full advantage of the DTS and Dolby Digital features of the dvd player). it looks just like a phone jack. is it? or do i have to buy a special cable, and if so where do i get it.
  • k just found out that it is a different kind of cable, but will a regular digital audio cable work, or do i have to buy the special ps2 version of the cable. the reason i ask is the regular one is $15.00 and the ps2 one is $30.00. i can't see the difference between the two. (the $15.00 one is made by recaton and the 30.00 one is made by interact.) \

    thanks guys
  • So, you're looking for one of the optical cables to use the 5.1 dolby surround that isn't used by any current PS2 games. I would recommend that you try to find an official sony version or if there is none then get an RCA version of it as they'll last longer than the lessr Interact and Recoton versions. I hope that this bit of info is of any help to you. :thumbsup:
  • but is there a special digital optical cable for the ps2, or will a regular one for any dvd player work?
  • I would recommend that you use a Sony version but it would be ok to use one made for DVD players. Well i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: