help me! I'm hungsau
  • I'm playing parasite eve 2.And I can't solve the puzzle password#1.How can I beyond this puzzle .please help me,show me detail as a matrix.send me to my mail "" Thank you very much:D
  • Pick up the [MAGAZINE] on the table, and search the fallen body to find
    an [INFUSION PART]. Rupert will enter and blast the still-alive ANMC to
    slime, and both will split up. Return to the Main Square, and call
    back. Now head to the East Patio, and pick up an [Antidote] from the
    dead SWAT lying next to the locked Escalator.

    Go past the gate and into the Fountain area. Unlock the gate to the
    West Patio, and go into the back of the Cafeteria. In the screen where
    you enter there is a yellow Key Press. Check it to get the [BLUE KEY].

    Go into the room right across, and check the glowing yellow dot. Insert
    the Blue Key into the 'A' keyhole, and you will open up the Escalator
    doors. Now look at the security moniters. Press on '+' until it is
    bright enough, and click on the middle two buttons to see Rupert and
    another SWAT member.

    Before you leave take a good look at the notice board. It has a set of
    three musical notes with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 below them, and another
    set with three question marks below them and the word 'bridge' in red
    next to them, and a pinned picture next to it. For those who skip Music
    lessons every week here are the notes:

    Do Re Mi
    1 2 3

    So La Do
    ? ? ?

    Simply jot down the answer you have, and move on to clear out the rest
    of the Cafeteria. Inside the kitchen there is a [Stabilizer] ampule in
    the refridgerator and a [Lv1 Medicine] on the body of the SWAT member.

    Return to the East Patio, and go up the Escalator. Search the SWAT body
    in the Observatory to 'borrow' a [Tactical Vest], and go down the other

    Finish off the two Fat ANMCs in the Promenade, and you will hear
    something happen in the Sanctuary. Before you enter, go to the
    southern-most part of the Promenade, and 'borrow' the [MP5A5] from the
    dead SWAT.

    Enter the Sanctuary to see Rupert struggling with an Unknown Man. After
    the Unknown Man runs off and Rupert is bandaged up, pick up the [RED
    KEY] from the floor, and hug the northern wall of the Sanctuary. You
    will hear a conversation after which Aya will automatically enter the
    Roof Garden. Look behind the statue to see a bomb, and you will realize
    that the door is locked. Pick up the [BLACK CARD] that is lying from
    the floor (these people sure love to drop things) and head back to the
    Cafeteria first, clearing out the rest of the 'hot' areas if you wish

    Go to the Security Room inside the Cafeteria, and insert the Red Key in
    the 'B' keyhole. Now head outside to the Fountain, and look inside the
    fountain to see another dead SWAT plus a [Grenade Pistol], which Aya

    Now return to the Promenade, and past the wrecked fence. There is a
    panel to Aya's right that is glowing red. Now does this place look
    familiar? If you read the notice board back in the Cafeteria you will
    realize that this is the bridge that the note mentioned. Enter the
    correct code which are the three ??? (561) to raise the bridge. Crush
    the flipping Pirhanas to death with Aya's boots and enter the recently
    wrecked door.