aboutthe PS2 controller
  • hi there,

    i just want to know if the ps2 controller can feel, if i can say this, so many levels of pressure....and if it is only possible in the ps2 consoles....and also in ps one
  • The PS2 controller can sense 253 (i think it's something like that) points of pressure. I have only really noticed the difference in 2 games: The Bouncer and GT3.
    In GT3, you can cruise along at a constant speed without accelerating or decelerating. Not that you wouldn't want to accelerate...
    In The Bouncer, for each button (square,circle,triangle,x) two attacks can be done. If you press the button hard, the character executes a hard attack, and if you press softly, he executes a soft attack (which is faster than the hard attack).

    The pressure doesn't work with PSX games as they have to be programmed with that ability (and obviously they arent). PSX controllers do not have the ability to sense pressure.

    Hope that answers your question :thumbsup: .