PS3 - Did you get one?
  • With the North American launch of the PS3 earlier today, question is... Did you get one? We want to hear all the details.


    Please tell us about your experience.
  • Unfortunately I wasn't able to get mine today- at least right away. I was 4th out of the 5 preorders taken here and wouldn't you know, the EB had 3 systems. They do have mine on the way, however, and the possibility is there that it will arrive today or Monday at the latest (which works well for me as I have to be in to pick up the Nintendo Wii preorder I have elsewhere :p ).

    While I originally ordered the 60 GB system I will be getting the 20 GB instead as I won't be using the wi-fi for online (no sense paying for something you won't use). I'll be using the price difference for an extra controller and a game (most likely Ridge Racer 7). I have a couple ordered online as well (Resistance: Fall Of Man and Gengi: Dawn Of The Blade). That'll give me a good start on games to review for the site. :)
  • no system for me :( guess illl just have to wait for second shipment hopefully soon :(
  • Had a pleasant surprise soon after posting that last note- my PS3 system was in! B) As i type this I have the MotorStorm demo downloading. I'll be doing up a blog entry tomorrow morning with an explanation regarding the initial set up.
  • Im excited to hear what you think about it.

    As for me, it will be a good while before I get one. Im a poor college kid at the moment.
  • Me? Couldn't get one.:(

    I'm not too upset as of right now because none of the titles I saw captured my interest. So for right now, I'll stick to my month old PS2.:)

    Maybe in a year or so I'll get the PS3..but for right now, I'll put it on hold.
  • I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :) :) :) :) I just walked into a best buy to ask about any shipments and boom a 60 gig PS3 was waiting they put a wristband on me and sat me in a seprate room. As soon as I got it they instructed me to put it in my car and go home setting it up now woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WTG Scott!! B) I'm finally not the only staffer to get one! Maybe we can put you to work on reviews now? ;) What games did you pick up out of curiosity, if any? I'm messing with Resistance now that i finished the Ridge racer 7 writeup.
  • havent got any yet the second I checked out i drove home faster than a bullet currently downloading resistance demo and putting some music on it. Tell me what does the remote play with your psp supposed to do? I hooked it up and it works just cant find a beneficial use?
  • Let's say, as an example, you have Talledega Nights playing on the PS3 but you are in another room doing something else. You can watch the movie on your PSP as the remote play will send it to the PSP. This would work for any video files you have on the PS3 as well- heck, I think you could even watch someone playing a game on there. You can also adjust settings on the PS3 over the PSP.

    Now, I have the 20 GB model so the remote play isn't a feature I can use (no wi-fi). Play around with it a bit yourself and give us all the particulars. B)
  • you cant do alot of that stuff over PSP yet. right now all you can do is watch videos saved on the hard drive, and music, and go online through the PSP. so if you download anything it will go right to the PS3 hard drive. but you cant go on the playstation store yet.
  • That was the main purpose of the remote play anyway. They do plan on making the store accessible via PSP in the near future through a separate portal for purchasing the PSOne games directly through it instead of the PS3. It's the sort of thing that is handy if you want to check out a movie or some music stored on there from elsewhere in the house.