• My playstation isn't reading any of my games. What should I do?
  • There are several things it could be. The system is booting up ok, just not reading the games? You might want to firsttry cleaning off the discs with a soft cloth, wiping from the center of the disc and going toward the edge to get rid of any dust or fingerprints.

    One other possibility is the lens inside is dirty- this can be taken care of using a DVD player cleaning kit or (if feeling brave) instructions can be found on the web about taking the top off and cleaning the lens yourself (not personally recommended though).

    If neither of these solutions work things might be a bit more serious- I would give Sony's tech support a call at 1-800-345-7669.

    (3 hrs 14 min)
  • Another thning to do once a year or every 6 months is to "spring clean" your PS2. Older big models attract dust through the base vents & using a PC vacuum (not a house hold one as they are too powerful & could cause damage) give it a cosmetic clean & then using a micro fibre duster clean the CD tray of any dust then use a CD/DVD disc/lens clean in the way Lyndon above explained. I wouldn't touch the internal CD/DVD lens pot unless you actually know what your cleaning & how to clean it, the CD/DVD lens cleaner does the job just as well. Please always use the supplied cleaning fluid with the cleaning disc & not to use household or industrial chemical cleaners as they are far too powerful even when diluted

    Sometimes the older PS2 has had problems reading Blue PS2 discs and a simple reemedy was to turn your PS2 onto it's side so it's standing up and vice-versa if it's happening the other way.